noun mer·can·til·ism \-ˌtē-ˌli-zəm, -ˌtī-, -tə-\

Definition of mercantilism

  1. 1 :  the theory or practice of mercantile pursuits :  commercialism

  2. 2 :  an economic system developing during the decay of feudalism to unify and increase the power and especially the monetary wealth of a nation by a strict governmental regulation of the entire national economy usually through policies designed to secure an accumulation of bullion (see bullion 1), a favorable balance of trade, the development of agriculture and manufactures, and the establishment of foreign trading monopolies (see monopoly 1)


play \-list\ noun or adjective


play \ˌmər-kən-ˌtē-ˈlis-tik, -ˌtī-, -tə-\ adjective


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