maximum security prison

Definition of maximum security prison

  1. :  a prison that does as much as possible to keep prisoners from escaping and watches them very closely

Word by Word Definitions

  1. :  the greatest quantity or value attainable or attained

    :  the period of highest, greatest, or utmost development

    :  an upper limit allowed (as by a legal authority) or allowable (as by the circumstances of a particular case)

  1. :  the quality or state of being secure: such as

    :  freedom from danger :  safety

    :  freedom from fear or anxiety

  1. :  a state of confinement or captivity

    :  a place of confinement especially for lawbreakers

    :  an institution (such as one under state jurisdiction) for confinement of persons convicted of serious crimes — compare jail

  1. :  imprison, confine

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