make someone's hackles rise

Definition of make someone's hackles rise

  1. :  cause someone to be very angry Their arrogant attitude is what really made my hackles rise.

Word by Word Definitions

  1. :  behave, act

    :  to begin or seem to begin (an action)

    :  to cause to happen to or be experienced by someone

  1. :  the manner or style in which a thing is constructed

    :  brand

    :  the physical, mental, or moral constitution of a person

  1. :  some person :  somebody

hackleplay hackles
  1. :  one of the long narrow feathers on the neck or saddle of a bird

    :  the neck plumage of the domestic fowl

    :  a comb or board with long metal teeth for dressing flax, hemp, or jute

  1. :  to comb out with a hackle

  1. :  to assume an upright position especially from lying, kneeling, or sitting

    :  to get up from sleep or from one's bed

    :  to return from death

  1. :  a spot higher than surrounding ground :  hilltop

    :  an upward slope

    :  an act of rising or a state of being risen: such as

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