make one's presence felt/heard/known

Definition of make one's presence felt/heard/known

  1. :  to make people aware of one by gaining power or influence over them Women are making their presence felt in the industry. The Internet service is making its presence known by doing a lot of advertising.

Word by Word Definitions

  1. :  behave, act

    :  to begin or seem to begin (an action)

    :  to cause to happen to or be experienced by someone

  1. :  the manner or style in which a thing is constructed

    :  brand

    :  the physical, mental, or moral constitution of a person

  1. :  the fact or condition of being present (see 3present)

    :  the part of space within one's immediate vicinity

    :  the neighborhood of one of superior especially royal rank

  1. :  a cloth made of wool and fur often mixed with natural or synthetic fibers through the action of heat, moisture, chemicals, and pressure

    :  a firm woven cloth of wool or cotton heavily napped and shrunk

    :  an article made of felt

  1. :  to make out of or cover with felt

    :  to cause to adhere and mat together

    :  to make into felt or a similar substance

  1. : past tense and past participle offeel

  1. :  generally recognized

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