make a muck of (something)

Definition of make a muck of (something)

British, informal

  1. :  to do (something) badly or with many mistakes He's made a muck of things.

Word by Word Definitions

  1. :  behave, act

    :  to begin or seem to begin (an action)

    :  to cause to happen to or be experienced by someone

  1. :  the manner or style in which a thing is constructed

    :  brand

    :  the physical, mental, or moral constitution of a person

  1. :  soft moist farmyard manure

    :  slimy dirt or filth

    :  defamatory remarks or writings

  1. :  to clean up

    :  to clear of muck

    :  to dress (as soil) with muck

  1. :  some indeterminate or unspecified thing

    :  a person or thing of consequence

    :  one having more or less the character, qualities, or nature of something different

  1. :  in some degree :  somewhat

    : used as an intensive giving adverbial force to an adjective

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