magic wand


Definition of magic wand

  1. :  a stick that is used to make magic things happen The magician waved his magic wand and pulled a rabbit out of the hat. —sometimes used figuratively The new law is not a magic wand that will solve all our problems.

Word by Word Definitions

  1. :  the use of means (such as charms or spells) believed to have supernatural power over natural forces

    :  magic rites or incantations

    :  an extraordinary power or influence seemingly from a supernatural source

  1. :  of or relating to magic

    :  having seemingly supernatural qualities or powers

    :  giving a feeling of enchantment

  1. :  to produce, remove, or influence by magic

  1. :  a slender staff carried in a procession :  verge

    :  a slender rod used by conjurers and magicians

    :  a slat six feet by two inches used as a target in archery

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