made/scored a basket

Definition of made/scored a basket

  1. :  make a shot (as in basketball) that goes through the basket

Word by Word Definitions

  1. :  fictitious, invented

    :  artificially produced

    :  put together of various ingredients

scoreplay scored
  1. :  twenty

    :  an indefinitely large number

    :  a line (as a scratch or incision) made with or as if with a sharp instrument

  1. :  to keep a record or account of by or as if by notches on a tally :  record

    :  to enter in a record

    :  to mark with significant lines or notches (as in keeping account)

  1. :  a receptacle made of interwoven material (as osiers)

    :  any of various lightweight usually wood containers

    :  the quantity contained in a basket

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