verb ki·bitz \ ˈki-bəts , kə-ˈbits \
variants: or less commonly kibbitz
|Updated on: 12 Jun 2018

Definition of kibitz

kibitzed also kibbitzed; kibitzing also kibbitzing; kibitzes also kibbitzes
1 : to act as a kibitzer
2 : to exchange comments : chat
: to observe as a kibitzer; especially : to be a kibitzer at
  • kibitz a card game

Examples of kibitz in a Sentence

  1. They sat around kibitzing about their children.

  2. My uncle likes to kibitz when I play poker with my cousins.

  3. He likes to kibitz our poker games.

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Origin and Etymology of kibitz

borrowed from Yiddish kibetsn or German kiebitzen "to look on (at a card game)," both borrowed from Rotwelsch (German underworld argot) kiebitschen, chippischen, gippischen "(of the police) to search out, patrol," of obscure origin
Note: In passage from Rotwelsch to ordinary vernaculars, there has presumably been a jocular transfer in sense from the undesirable observation of underworld activity by the police to observation of a more innocent activity such as a game. Corresponding to the Rotwelsch verb is a noun Kiewisch, Gippisch, Kippisch, etc., "police search, investigation, patrol," attested slightly earlier, perhaps first (as Gippisch, Geppisch) in a vocabulary appended to Alphabetisches Verzeichnis einer Anzahl von Räubern, Dieben und Vagabonden (Hamburg, 1814), by a Danish police official, H.C. Christensen, based on an investigation carried out in Kiel in 1811-12. Neither the German or Yiddish words or their Rotwelsch source have any plausible connection to German Kiebitz "lapwing" other than by secondary association.

kibitz Synonyms

Related Words

gossip, tattle;

descant, discuss, expatiate;

yak (also yack), yammer, yap;


blow smoke, chew the fat (also chew the rag), shoot the breeze, talk a blue streak;

KIBITZ Defined for English Language Learners


Definition of kibitz for English Language Learners

  • : to talk to someone in a friendly and informal way

  • : to watch other people and make unwanted comments about what they are doing

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one who attends or assists a leader

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