keep quiet

Definition of keep quiet

  1. 1 :  to not say anything or make any noise He thought about telling the police what he knew, but he decided to keep quiet. Please keep quiet during the movie.

  2. 2 :  to not say anything about (something) She kept her plans quiet.

  3. 3 :  to prevent (someone or something) from making noise She gave the dog a bone to keep him quiet.

  4. 4 :  to prevent (someone) from revealing information about something They paid money to the witness to keep him quiet.

Word by Word Definitions

  1. :  to take notice of by appropriate conduct :  fulfill: such as

    :  to be faithful to

    :  to act fittingly in relation to

  1. :  custody, charge

    :  maintenance

    :  one that keeps or protects: such as

  1. :  the quality or state of being quiet (see 2quiet) :  tranquility

  1. :  marked by little or no motion or activity :  calm

    :  gentle, easygoing

    :  not interfered with

  1. :  in a quiet manner

  1. :  to cause to be quiet :  calm

    :  to make secure by freeing from dispute or question

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