jewel case


Definition of jewel case

  1. :  a clear plastic case in which a CD or DVD is stored

Word by Word Definitions

  1. :  an ornament of precious metal often set with stones or decorated with enamel and worn as an accessory of dress

    :  one that is highly esteemed

    :  a precious stone :  gem

  1. :  to adorn or equip with jewels

    :  to give beauty to as if with jewels :  embellish

  1. :  a set of circumstances or conditions

    :  a situation requiring investigation or action (as by the police)

    :  the object of investigation or consideration

  1. :  a box or receptacle for holding something

    :  a box together with its contents

    :  set

  1. :  to enclose in or cover with or as if with a case :  encase

    :  to line (as a well) with supporting material (as metal pipe)

    :  to inspect or study especially with intent to rob

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