verb in·ject \ in-ˈjekt \
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Definition of inject

injected; injecting; injects
1 a : to introduce into something forcefully
  • inject fuel into an engine
b : to force a fluid into (as for medical purposes)
  • inject a drug into the bloodstream
2 : to introduce as an element or factor in or into some situation or subject
  • condemning any attempt to inject religious bigotry into the campaign
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play \in-ˈjek-tə-bəl\ adjective or noun


play \in-ˈjek-tər\ noun

Examples of inject in a Sentence

  1. She told a few jokes to inject a little humor into her speech.

  2. We need to inject some life into this party.

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Origin and Etymology of inject

Latin injectus, past participle of inicere, from in- + jacere to throw — more at jet

INJECT Defined for English Language Learners


Definition of inject for English Language Learners

  • : to force a liquid medicine or drug into someone or something by using a special needle

  • : to force (a liquid) into something

  • : to add (something) to something : to introduce (a particular quality) into something

INJECT Defined for Kids


verb in·ject \ in-ˈjekt \

Definition of inject for Students

injected; injecting
1 : to force a fluid (as a medicine) into by using a special needle
2 : to introduce as something needed or additional
  • He tried to inject confidence into his brother.

Word Root of inject

The Latin word jacere, meaning “to throw,” and its form jactus give us the root ject. Words from the Latin jacere have something to do with throwing. To reject is to throw back or away. To eject is to throw out. To inject is to throw one thing into another. To project is to throw forward onto a surface.

Medical Dictionary


transitive verb in·ject \ in-ˈjekt \

medical Definition of inject

1 : to force a fluid into (a vessel, cavity, or tissue) for preserving, hardening, or coloring structures
2 : to introduce (as by injection or gravity flow) a fluid into (a living body) especially for the purpose of restoring fluid balance, treating nutritional deficiencies or disease, or relieving pain; also : to treat (an individual) with injections

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