how would you like

Definition of how would you like

  1. 1 —used to express one's feeling that someone has behaved wrongly She left without saying a word to me. How would you like being ignored that way?

  2. 2 —used in a sarcastic way to make a threat “You're an idiot!” “How would you like a punch in the nose?!”

Word by Word Definitions

  1. :  in what manner or way

    :  for what reason :  why

    :  with what meaning :  to what effect

  1. :  the way or manner in which

    :  the state or condition in which

    :  that

  1. :  a question about manner or method

    :  manner, method

  1. : past tense ofwill

    :  wished, desired

    :  wish for :  want

  1. :  the one or ones being addressed — compare thee, thou, ye, your, yours

    :  one

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