high/low profile

Definition of high/low profile

  1. —used to describe the amount of attention that someone or something is given The actor's high profile helped promote the movie. The company has kept a high profile in the computer industry. I don't really like attention, so I try to keep/maintain a low profile around here.

Word by Word Definitions

  1. :  rising or extending upward a great distance :  taller than average, usual, or expected

    :  having a specified height or elevation :  tall

    :  situated or passing above the normal level, surface, base of measurement, or elevation

  1. :  at or to a high place, altitude, level, or degree

    :  well, luxuriously

  1. :  an elevated place or region: such as

    :  hill, knoll

    :  the space overhead :  sky

  1. :  moo

  1. :  the deep sustained sound characteristic especially of a cow

  1. :  having a small upward extension or elevation

    :  situated or passing little above a reference line, point, or plane

    :  having a low-cut neckline

  1. :  something that is low: such as

    :  depth

    :  a region of low barometric pressure

  1. :  flame, blaze

  1. :  flame, blaze

  1. :  a representation of something in outline

    :  a human head or face represented or seen in a side view

    :  an outline seen or represented in sharp relief :  contour

  1. :  to represent in profile or by a profile :  produce (as by drawing, writing, or graphing) a profile of

    :  to shape the outline of by passing a cutter around

    :  to subject to profiling

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a trip made at another's expense

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