noun he·li·ol·a·try \ˌhē-lē-ˈä-lə-trē\

Definition of heliolatry

  1. :  sun worship


play \-trəs\ adjective

Did You Know?

The first half of heliolatry derives from "hēlios," the Greek word for "sun." In Greek mythology, Hēlios was the god of the sun, imagined as "driving" the sun as a chariot across the sky. From "hēlios" we also get the word helium, referring to the very light gas that is found in balloons and airships, and heliocentric, meaning "having or relating to the sun as center," as in "a heliocentric orbit." The suffix -latry, meaning "worship, derives via Late Latin and French from the Greek latreia, and can be found in such words as "bardolatry" ("worship of Shakespeare") and "zoolatry" ("animal worship"). A person who worships the sun is called a heliolater.

Circa 1828

First Known Use of heliolatry

circa 1828

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