hatch a plot

Definition of hatch a plot

  1. :  to make a secret plan to do something that is usually illegal or harmful They hatched a plot to steal the famous painting.

Word by Word Definitions

  1. :  a small door or opening (as in an airplane or spaceship)

    :  an opening in the deck of a ship or in the floor or roof of a building

    :  the covering for such an opening

  1. :  to produce young by incubation

    :  to emerge from an egg, chrysalis, or pupa

    :  to give forth young or imagoes

  1. :  an act or instance of hatching

    :  a brood of hatched young

  1. :  to inlay with narrow bands of distinguishable material

    :  to mark (as a drawing or engraving) with fine closely spaced lines

  1. :  line

    :  one used to give the effect of shading

  1. :  a small area of planted ground

    :  a small piece of land in a cemetery

    :  a measured piece of land :  lot

  1. :  to make a plot, map, or plan of

    :  to mark or note on or as if on a map or chart

    :  to lay out in plots (see 1plot 1)

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