noun had·ro·saur \ˈha-drə-ˌsȯr\

Definition of hadrosaur

  1. :  any of a genus (Hadrosaurus) or family (Hadrosauridae) of mainly bipedal dinosaurs of the Late Cretaceous that have the forward part of the jaws toothless and flattened into a beak-like snout and the back part of the jaws filled with rows of numerous small, grinding teeth and that often have a solid or hollow bony crest on the skull :  duck-billed dinosaur < … the hadrosaurs evolved into some 21 different species during their 20 million-year stint on earth … — Virginia Morell>

Origin and Etymology of hadrosaur

New Latin Hadrosaurus, genus name, from Greek hadros thick, bulky + sauros lizard

First Known Use: 1877

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