get/take quite a hammering

Definition of get/take quite a hammering

  1. :  to suffer severe injury or damage The old church got/took quite a hammering during the storm.

Word by Word Definitions

  1. :  to gain possession of

    :  to receive as a return :  earn

    :  to obtain by concession or entreaty

  1. :  something begotten:

    :  offspring

    :  the entire progeny of a male animal

  1. :  a document of release from obligation in Jewish law

    :  a bill of divorce

    :  a religious divorce by Jewish law

  1. :  to get into one's hands or into one's possession, power, or control: such as

    :  to seize or capture physically

    :  to get possession of (fish or game) by killing or capturing

  1. :  something that is taken:

    :  the amount of money received :  proceeds, receipts, income

    :  share, cut

  1. :  wholly, completely

    :  to an extreme :  positively

    :  to a considerable extent :  rather

hammerplay hammering
  1. :  a hand tool consisting of a solid head set crosswise on a handle and used for pounding

    :  a power tool that often substitutes a metal block or a drill for the hammerhead

    :  something that resembles a hammer in form or action: such as

  1. :  to strike blows especially repeatedly with or as if with a hammer :  pound

    :  to make repeated efforts

    :  to reiterate an opinion or attitude

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to criticize severely

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