gather momentum/strength

Definition of gather momentum/strength

  1. :  to begin to be more popular and effective The campaign has begun to gather momentum/strength.

Word by Word Definitions

  1. :  to bring together :  collect

    :  pick, harvest

    :  to pick up or amass as if by harvesting

  1. :  something brought together: such as

    :  a puckering in cloth made by gathering (see 1gather 7a)

    :  a mass of molten glass collected for use in glassblowing

  1. :  a property (see property 1a) of a moving body that the body has by virtue of its mass (see 2mass 1c) and motion and that is equal to the product of the body's mass and velocity

    :  a property of a moving body that determines the length of time required to bring it to rest when under the action of a constant force or moment

    :  strength or force gained by motion or by a series of events

  1. :  the quality or state of being strong :  capacity for exertion or endurance

    :  power to resist force :  solidity, toughness

    :  power of resisting attack :  impregnability

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