fine/okay by me

Definition of fine/okay by me

  1. —used to indicate complete agreement Whatever you want to do is fine/okay by me.

Word by Word Definitions

  1. :  end, conclusion

    :  a compromise of a fictitious suit used as a form of conveyance of lands

    :  a sum imposed as punishment for an offense

  1. :  to impose a fine on :  punish by a fine

  1. :  free from impurity

    :  having a stated proportion of pure metal in the composition expressed in parts per thousand

    :  very thin in gauge or texture

  1. :  finely: such as

    :  very well

    :  all right

  1. :  purify, clarify

    :  to make finer in quality or size

    :  to become pure or clear

  1. :  end

OKplay okay
  1. :  all right

  1. :  approval, endorsement

  1. :  approve, authorize

  1. : Oklahoma

  1. : objective case ofi

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a brief usually trivial fact

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