adjective fa·rouche \fə-ˈrüsh\

Definition of farouche

  1. 1 :  wild

  2. 2 :  marked by shyness and lack of social graces

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Did You Know?

In French, "farouche" can mean wild or shy, just as it does in English. It is an alteration of the Old French word forasche, which derives via Late Latin forasticus ("living outside") from Latin foras, meaning "outdoors." In its earliest English uses, in the middle of the 18th century, "farouche" was used to describe someone who was awkward in social situations, perhaps as one who has lived apart from groups of people. The word can also mean "disorderly," as in "farouche ruffians out to cause trouble."

Origin and Etymology of farouche

French, wild, shy, from Old French, alteration of forasche, from Late Latin forasticus living outside, from Latin foras outdoors; akin to Latin fores door — more at door

First Known Use: 1765

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a trip made at another's expense

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