fail to see/understand

Definition of fail to see/understand

  1. :  to not understand —often used when someone does not agree with something I fail to see/understand why we need to change the current system.

Word by Word Definitions

  1. :  to lose strength :  weaken

    :  to fade or die away

    :  to stop functioning normally

  1. :  failure

    :  a failure (as by a security dealer) to deliver or receive securities within a prescribed period after purchase or sale

  1. :  to perceive by the eye

    :  to perceive or detect as if by sight

    :  to have experience of :  undergo

  1. :  cathedra

    :  a cathedral town

    :  a seat of a bishop's office, power, or authority

  1. :  to grasp the meaning of

    :  to grasp the reasonableness of

    :  to have thorough or technical acquaintance with or expertness in the practice of

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