express itself/themselves

Definition of express itself/themselves

of feelings

  1. :  to become known or seen as the result of a particular action His rage and frustration expressed themselves as/in/through temper tantrums.

Word by Word Definitions

  1. :  directly, firmly, and explicitly stated

    :  exact, precise

    :  designed for or adapted to its purpose

  1. :  expressly

    :  by express

  1. :  a messenger sent on a special errand

    :  a dispatch conveyed by a special messenger

    :  a system for the prompt and safe transportation of parcels, money, or goods at rates higher than standard freight charges

  1. :  delineate, depict

    :  to represent in words :  state

    :  to give or convey a true impression of :  show, reflect

  1. :  that identical one — compare it 1

    :  its normal, healthy, or sane condition

  1. :  those identical ones that are they — compare they 1a

    :  himself or herself :  himself, herself

    :  their normal, healthy, or sane condition

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