adjective epi·ge·al \ˌe-pi-ˈjē-əl\
variants: or less commonly


play \ˌe-pi-ˈjē-ən\ or


play \ˌe-pi-ˈjē-əs\ or


play \ˌe-pi-ˈjē-ik\

Definition of epigeal

  1. 1 of a cotyledon :  forced above ground by elongation of the hypocotyl

  2. 2 :  marked by the production of epigeal cotyledons epigeal germination

  3. 3 :  living on or near the surface of the ground; also :  relating to or being the environment near the surface of the ground

Origin and Etymology of epigeal

Greek epigaios upon the earth, from epi- + gaia earth

First Known Use: 1861

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