ears are burning

variants: or

feel one's ears burning

Definition of ears are burning


  1. —used to say that someone has the feeling that other people are talking about him or her I bet his ears are burning right now. “We were talking about you last night.” “That explains why I felt my ears burning.”

Word by Word Definitions

earplay ears
  1. :  the characteristic vertebrate organ of hearing and equilibrium consisting in the typical mammal of a sound-collecting outer ear separated by the tympanic membrane from a sound-transmitting middle ear that in turn is separated from a sensory inner ear by membranous fenestrae

    :  any of various organs (as of a fish) capable of detecting vibratory motion

    :  the external ear of humans and most mammals

  1. :  the fruiting spike of a cereal (as wheat or corn) including both the seeds and protective structures

  1. :  to form ears in growing

  1. :  being on fire

    :  ardent, intense

    :  affecting with or as if with heat

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