dummy pill

Definition of dummy pill

  1. :  a pill or substance that is given to a patient like a drug but that has no physical effect on the patient :  placebo

Word by Word Definitions

  1. :  a person who is habitually silent

    :  a stupid person

    :  the exposed hand in bridge played by the declarer in addition to his or her own hand

  1. :  having the appearance of being real :  artificial

    :  existing in name only :  fictitious

    :  apparently acting for oneself while really acting for or at the direction of another

  1. :  to make a dummy (see 1dummy 5) of (something, such as a publication)

  1. :  to come off in flakes or scales :  peel

    :  to subject to depredation or extortion

    :  to peel or strip off

  1. :  a usually medicinal or dietary preparation in a small rounded mass to be swallowed whole

    :  birth control pill

    :  something repugnant or unpleasant that must be accepted or endured

  1. :  to dose with pills

    :  blackball

    :  to become rough with or mat into little balls

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