dress in layers

Definition of dress in layers


  1. :  to wear several pieces of clothing on top of one another When the weather is cold you should dress in layers.

Word by Word Definitions

  1. :  to make or set straight

    :  to arrange (as troops) in a straight line and at proper intervals

    :  to prepare for use or service

  1. :  apparel, clothing

    :  an outer garment (as for a woman or girl) usually consisting of a one-piece bodice and skirt

    :  covering, adornment, or appearance appropriate or peculiar to a particular time

  1. :  suitable for a formal occasion

    :  requiring or permitting formal dress

    :  relating to or used for a dress

layerplay layers
  1. :  one that lays something (such as a worker who lays brick or a hen that lays eggs)

    :  one thickness, course, or fold laid or lying over or under another

    :  stratum

  1. :  to propagate (a plant) by means of layers

    :  to place as a layer

    :  to place a layer on top of

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