draw/make an analogy between

Definition of draw/make an analogy between

  1. :  to compare so as to find a likeness He drew/made an analogy between flying a kite and fishing.

Word by Word Definitions

  1. :  to cause to move continuously toward or after a force applied in advance :  pull : such as

    :  to move (as a covering) over or to one side

    :  to pull up or out of a receptacle or place where seated or carried

  1. :  the act or process of drawing (see 1draw) : such as

    :  a sucking pull on something held with the lips

    :  a removal of a handgun from its holster

  1. :  behave, act

    :  to begin or seem to begin (an action)

    :  to cause to happen to or be experienced by someone

  1. :  the manner or style in which a thing is constructed

    :  brand

    :  the physical, mental, or moral constitution of a person

  1. :  inference that if two or more things agree with one another in some respects they will probably agree in others

    :  resemblance in some particulars between things otherwise unlike :  similarity

    :  comparison based on such resemblance

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