dorsal fin


Definition of dorsal fin

  1. :  a flat thin part on the back of some fish (such as sharks)

Word by Word Definitions

  1. : variant ofdossal

  1. :  relating to or situated near or on the back especially of an animal or of one of its parts

    :  abaxial

  1. :  a dorsally located part

    :  a thoracic vertebra

  1. :  an external membranous process of an aquatic animal (as a fish) used in propelling or guiding the body — see fish illustration

    :  something resembling a fin: such as

    :  hand, arm

  1. :  to equip with fins

    :  to show the fins above the water

    :  to move through water propelled by fins

  1. :  a 5-dollar bill

  1. : finance; financial

    : finish

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