dim view

Definition of dim view

  1. :  a bad opinion The author's dim view of politicians is apparent throughout the book. She takes a dim view of human nature.

Word by Word Definitions

  1. :  emitting or having a limited or insufficient amount of light

    :  dull, lusterless

    :  lacking pronounced, clear-cut, or vigorous quality or character

  1. :  to make dim or lusterless

    :  to reduce the light from

    :  to become dim

  1. :  dusk, dimness

    :  low beam

  1. : dimension

    : diminished

    : diminuendo

  1. :  extent or range of vision :  sight

    :  the act of seeing or examining :  inspection

    :  survey

  1. :  to look at attentively :  scrutinize, observe

    :  see, watch

    :  to look on in a particular light :  regard

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