noun cy·brar·ian \sī-ˈbrer-ē-ən, -ˈbre-rē-\

Definition of cybrarian

  1. :  a person whose job is to find, collect, and manage information that is available on the World Wide Web

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Did You Know?

We've been using librarian for the people who manage libraries since at least the beginning of the 18th century, and the word was used for scribes and copyists even earlier than that. Cybrarian, on the other hand, is much newer; its earliest documented use is from 1992. Librarian combines library (itself from liber, the Latin word for book) and the noun suffix -an, meaning "one specializing in." When people wanted a word for a person who performed duties similar to those of a librarian by using information from the Internet, they went a step further and combined cyber-, meaning "of, relating to, or involving computers or a computer network," with librarian to produce the new cybrarian.

Origin and Etymology of cybrarian

blend of cyber- and librarian

First Known Use: 1991

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