cut a caper

Definition of cut a caper

  1. :  to do a short dance He was so happy, he cut a caper on the steps of Town Hall.

Word by Word Definitions

  1. :  to penetrate with or as if with an edged instrument

    :  to hurt the feelings of

    :  to strike sharply with a cutting effect

  1. :  a product of cutting: such as

    :  an opening made with an edged instrument

    :  a wound made by something sharp :  gash

  1. :  marked by a well-developed and highly defined musculature

  1. :  any of a genus (Capparis of the family Capparidaceae, the caper family) of low prickly shrubs of the Mediterranean region

    :  one (C. spinosa) cultivated for its buds

    :  one of the greenish flower buds or young berries of the caper pickled and used as a seasoning or garnish

  1. :  to leap or prance about in a playful manner

  1. :  a frolicsome leap

    :  a capricious escapade :  prank

    :  an illegal or questionable act or escapade

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