cruising altitude


Definition of cruising altitude

  1. :  the height in the sky at which an airplane stays for most of a flight The pilot announced that we'd reached cruising altitude. a cruising altitude of 40,000 feet

Word by Word Definitions

cruiseplay cruising
  1. :  to sail about touching at a series of ports

    :  to move or proceed speedily, smoothly, or effortlessly

    :  to travel without destination or purpose

  1. :  an act or an instance of cruising

    :  a tour by ship

  1. :  the vertical elevation of an object above a surface (such as sea level or land) of a planet or natural satellite

    :  the angular elevation of a celestial object above the horizon

    :  a perpendicular line segment from a vertex (see vertex 2a) of a geometric figure (such as a triangle or a pyramid) to the opposite side or the opposite side extended or from a side or face to a parallel side or face or the side or face extended

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