noun con·fir·ma·tion \ˌkän-fər-ˈmā-shən\

Definition of confirmation

  1. 1 :  an act or process of confirming: such asa (1) :  a Christian rite conferring the gift of the Holy Spirit and among Protestants full church membership (2) :  a ceremony especially of Reform Judaism confirming youths in their faithb :  the ratification of an executive act by a legislative body the confirmation of a Supreme Court nominee

  2. 2a :  confirming proof :  corroboration found confirmation of a theory The report needed confirmation.b :  the process of supporting a statement by evidence


play \ˌkän-fər-ˈmā-shnəl, -shə-nəl\ adjective

Examples of confirmation in a sentence

  1. Reporters awaited confirmation from the army about the battle.

  2. We don't have independent confirmation of the facts.

  3. Final confirmation came only after the investigation was completed.

  4. You will receive an e-mail confirmation of your order.

  5. You will receive confirmation of your order by e-mail.

  6. Many senators are opposed to his confirmation as a federal judge.

Origin and Etymology of confirmation

see confirm

First Known Use: 14th century

CONFIRMATION Defined for English Language Learners


noun con·fir·ma·tion \ˌkän-fər-ˈmā-shən\

Definition of confirmation for English Language Learners

  • : proof which shows that something is true or correct

  • : a response which shows that information is received and understood; especially : a response that makes a purchase, appointment, etc., definite or official

  • : the act of giving official approval to something or someone

CONFIRMATION Defined for Kids


noun con·fir·ma·tion \ˌkän-fər-ˈmā-shən\

Definition of confirmation for Students

  1. 1 :  an act of ensuring the truth of, strengthening, or approving

  2. 2 :  a religious ceremony admitting a person to full privileges in a church or synagogue

  3. 3 :  something that ensures the truth of, strengthens, or approves He received a confirmation of his order.

Law Dictionary


noun con·fir·ma·tion \ˌkän-fər-ˈmā-shən\

Legal Definition of confirmation

  1. 1 :  the act or process of confirming, assuring, or upholding seeking confirmation of the agreement; specifically :  the ratification of an executive act by a legislative body senate confirmation of the Supreme Court nominee

  2. 2 :  something that confirms: as a :  an express or implied contract by which a person makes a voidable agreement binding; specifically :  a definite expression or written memorandum that verifies or substantiates an agreement previously made orally or informally b in the civil law of Louisiana :  a declaration whereby a person corrects the parts of an obligation that are null to make them enforceable c :  a conveyance by which valid title to an estate is transferred to a person already in possession or by which an estate is increased

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