come to a stop

Definition of come to a stop

  1. :  to reach a state in which one is no longer moving :  stop The horse came to a full stop at the edge of the stream.

  2. :  to reach a state in which no further activity happens :  stop Work on the project came to a stop because of a lack of funding. The fighting came to a sudden stop when I arrived.

Word by Word Definitions

  1. :  to move toward something :  approach

    :  to move or journey to a vicinity with a specified purpose

    :  to reach a particular station in a series

  1. :  to close by filling or obstructing

    :  to hinder or prevent the passage of

    :  to get in the way of :  be wounded or killed by

  1. :  cessation, end

    :  a pause or breaking off in speech

    :  a graduated set of organ pipes of similar design and tone quality

  1. :  serving to stop :  designed to stop

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