come home to roost

Definition of come home to roost

  1. 1 —used of person's past actions that are causing him or her to experience problems in the present Her bad decisions are coming home to roost.

  2. 2 —used of a person's past actions that caused problems for others in the past that are like the problems that person is experiencing in the present He's been cheating people for years but now the/his chickens are (finally) coming home to roost.

Word by Word Definitions

  1. :  to move toward something :  approach

    :  to move or journey to a vicinity with a specified purpose

    :  to reach a particular station in a series

  1. :  one's place of residence :  domicile

    :  house

    :  the social unit formed by a family living together

  1. :  to or at one's place of residence or home (see 1home 1a)

    :  to a final, closed, or ultimate position

    :  to or at an ultimate objective (as a goal or finish line)

  1. :  of, relating to, or being a place of residence, place of origin, or base of operations

    :  prepared, done, or designed for use in a home (see 1home)

    :  operating or occurring in an area that is a headquarters or base of operations

  1. :  to go or return to one's place of residence or origin :  to go or return home (see 1home)

    :  to return accurately to one's native area of place of birth or origin from a distance :  to return home

    :  to proceed to or toward a source of radiated energy used as a guide

  1. :  a support on which birds rest

    :  a place where winged animals and especially birds customarily roost

    :  a group of birds roosting together

  1. :  to settle down for rest or sleep :  perch

    :  to settle oneself as if on a roost

    :  to supply a roost for or put to roost

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