cockpit voice recorder


Definition of cockpit voice recorder

  1. :  a device that records the voices of the pilots and crew in the cockpit of an airplane If an airplane crashes, its cockpit voice recorder can be used to help find out what caused it to crash.

Word by Word Definitions

  1. :  a pit or enclosure for cockfights

    :  a place noted for especially bloody, violent, or long-continued conflict

    :  the pit of a theater

  1. :  sound produced by vertebrates by means of lungs, larynx, or syrinx

    :  sound so produced by human beings

    :  musical sound produced by the vocal folds and resonated by the cavities of head and throat

  1. :  to express in words :  utter

    :  to adjust for producing the proper musical sounds

    :  to pronounce (a speech sound, such as a consonant) with voice

  1. :  the chief judicial magistrate of some British cities and boroughs

    :  a municipal judge with criminal jurisdiction of first instance and sometimes limited civil jurisdiction

    :  one that records

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