noun cine·ast \ˈsi-nē-ˌast, -nē-əst\
variants: or


\-ˌast\ or



Definition of cineast

  1. :  a devotee of motion pictures; also :  moviemaker

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Did You Know?

Cineast is a French borrowing that made its American premiere in the mid-1920s. The French spliced together "ciné" and "-aste" to create "cinéaste," a word for a filmmaker or movie director. "Ciné" in French is just another word for "cinema," and "-aste" is a suffix that appears in words like "gymnaste" and "enthousiaste." "Cinéaste" underwent several changes once it was established in English. Some writers anglicized its spelling, shortening "-aste" to "-ast" (although "cineaste" and "cinéaste" are also still used). Others began to use "cineast" to mean "film buff," and that's the sense that is most common today.

Origin and Etymology of cineast

French cinéaste, from ciné + -aste (as in enthousiaste enthusiast)

First Known Use: 1926

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