cause/create/leave a vacuum

Definition of cause/create/leave a vacuum

  1. :  to leave an empty space :  to create a situation when an important person or thing has gone and has not been replaced Her death has caused/created/left a vacuum in our lives.

Word by Word Definitions

  1. :  a reason for an action or condition :  motive

    :  something that brings about an effect or a result

    :  a person or thing that is the occasion of an action or state

  1. :  to serve as a cause or occasion of

    :  to compel by command, authority, or force

  1. :  to bring into existence

    :  to invest with a new form, office, or rank

    :  to produce or bring about by a course of action or behavior

  1. :  created

  1. :  bequeath, devise

    :  to have remaining after one's death

    :  to cause to remain as a trace or aftereffect

  1. :  permission to do something

    :  authorized especially extended absence from duty or employment

    :  an act of leaving :  departure

  1. :  leaf

  1. :  emptiness of space

    :  a space absolutely devoid of matter

    :  a space partially exhausted (as to the highest degree possible) by artificial means (such as an air pump)

  1. :  to use a vacuum device (such as a vacuum cleaner) on

    :  to draw or take in by or as if by suction

    :  to operate a vacuum device

  1. :  of, containing, producing, or utilizing a partial vacuum

    :  of or relating to a vacuum device or system

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