catch napping

Definition of catch napping

  1. :  to suddenly put (someone) in a position of being unprepared to deal with a situation because of not paying attention When the problem appeared again, the government was caught napping.

Word by Word Definitions

  1. :  to capture or seize especially after pursuit

    :  to take or entangle in or as if in a snare

    :  deceive

  1. :  something caught

    :  the total quantity caught at one time

    :  the act, action, or fact of catching

napplay napping
  1. :  to sleep briefly especially during the day :  doze

    :  to be off guard

  1. :  a short sleep especially during the day :  snooze

  1. :  a hairy or downy surface (as on a fabric)

  1. :  to raise a nap on (fabric or leather)

  1. :  a pick or recommendation as a good bet to win a contest (as a horse race)

    :  one named in a nap

  1. :  to pick or single out in a nap

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