cast/throw pearls before swine

Definition of cast/throw pearls before swine

  1. :  to give or offer something valuable to someone who does not understand its value

Word by Word Definitions

  1. :  to cause to move or send forth by throwing

    :  direct

    :  to put forth

  1. :  an act of casting

    :  something that happens as a result of chance

    :  a throw of dice

  1. :  to propel through the air by a forward motion of the hand and arm

    :  to propel through the air in any manner

    :  pitch

  1. :  an act of throwing, hurling, or flinging

    :  an act of throwing dice

    :  the number thrown with a cast of dice

pearlplay pearls
  1. :  a dense variously colored and usually lustrous concretion formed of concentric layers of mother-of-pearl as an abnormal growth within the shell of some mollusks and used as a gem

    :  mother-of-pearl

    :  one that is very choice or precious

  1. :  to set or adorn with pearls

    :  to sprinkle or bead with pearly drops

    :  to form into small round grains

  1. :  of, relating to, or resembling pearl

    :  made of or adorned with pearls

    :  having medium-sized grains

  1. :  picot

  1. :  in advance :  ahead

    :  at an earlier time

  1. :  forward of :  in front of

    :  in the presence of

    :  under the jurisdiction or consideration of

  1. :  earlier than the time that

    :  sooner or quicker than

    :  so that … do not

  1. :  any of various stout-bodied short-legged omnivorous artiodactyl mammals (family Suidae) with a thick bristly skin and a long flexible snout

    :  a domesticated one descended from the wild boar

    :  a contemptible person

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the art of making engravings on wood

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