adjective cam·pes·tral \kam-ˈpes-trəl\

Definition of campestral

  1. :  of or relating to fields or open country :  rural

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Did You Know?

Scamper across an open field, then, while catching your breath, ponder this: "scamper" and "campestral" both ultimately derive from the Latin noun campus, meaning "field" or "plain." Latin campester is the adjective that means "pertaining to a campus." In ancient Rome, a campus was a place for games, athletic practice, and military drills. "Scamper" probably started with a military association, as well (it is assumed to have evolved from the Latin verb excampare, meaning "to decamp"). In English, "campestral" took on an exclusively rural aspect upon its introduction in the 18th century, while "campus," you might say, became strictly academic.

Origin and Etymology of campestral

Latin campestr-, campester, from campus

First Known Use: circa 1750

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