noun cal·trop \ˈkal-trəp, ˈkȯl-\

Definition of caltrop

  1. 1a caltrops also calthrops plural in form but singular or plural in construction :  star thistle 1b :  puncture vine; also :  any of various related herbs (genera Tribulus and Kallstroemia) of the same family (Zygophyllaceae, the caltrop family)

  2. 2 :  a device with four metal points so arranged that when any three are on the ground the fourth projects upward as a hazard to the hooves of horses or to pneumatic tires

Variants of caltrop

or less commonly


play \-thrəp\

Origin and Etymology of caltrop

Middle English caltrappe, alteration of calketrappe star thistle, from Old English calcatrippe, from Medieval Latin calcatrippa

First Known Use: 15th century

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