bricks and mortar

Definition of bricks and mortar


  1. :  houses and other buildings especially when people consider buying them because of their possible future value Market uncertainties have been driving the rush to invest in bricks and mortar.

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brickplay bricks
  1. :  a handy-sized unit of building or paving material typically being rectangular and about 214 × 334 × 8 inches (57 × 95 × 203 millimeters) and of moist clay hardened by heat

    :  a good-hearted person

    :  a rectangular compressed mass (as of ice cream)

  1. :  to close, face, or pave with bricks

    :  to render (an electronic device, such as a smartphone) nonfunctional (as by accidental damage, malicious hacking, or software changes)

  1. :  a sturdy vessel in which material is pounded or rubbed with a pestle

    :  a portable muzzle-loading weapon having a tube short in relation to its caliber (see caliber 2b) that is used to throw bombs at high angles

    :  any of several similar firing devices

  1. :  a plastic building material (such as a mixture of cement, lime, or gypsum plaster with sand and water) that hardens and is used in masonry or plastering

  1. :  to plaster or make fast with mortar

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