adjective \ˈbäs-kē\

Definition of bosky

  1. 1 :  having abundant trees or shrubs

  2. 2 :  of or relating to a woods

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Did You Know?

Bosk, busk, bush-in Middle English these were all variant spellings of a word meaning "shrub." Bush is still familiar to the modern ear, and busk can still be heard in a few places in the dialects of northern Britain. Bosk too survived in English dialects, although it disappeared from the written language, and in the early 17th century it provided the root for the woodsy adjective bosky. Since its formation, bosky has been firmly rooted in our language, and its widespread popularity seems to have resurrected its parental form. By 1815 bosk (also spelled bosque) had reappeared in writing, but this time with the meaning "a small wooded area."

Origin and Etymology of bosky

English dialect bosk bush, from Middle English bush, bosk

First Known Use: circa 1616

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