blow the gaff

Definition of blow the gaff

British slang

  1. :  to reveal a secret especially in a public way —usually + on The report blows the gaff on a series of illegal actions by the government.

Word by Word Definitions

  1. :  to be in motion

    :  to move with speed or force

    :  to move or run quickly

  1. :  an instance of air moving with speed or force :  a blowing of wind especially when strong or violent

    :  brag, boasting

    :  an act or instance of blowing (see 1blow)

  1. :  flower, bloom

  1. :  blossoms

    :  bloom

  1. :  a forcible stroke delivered with a part of the body (as the fist) or with an instrument

    :  a hostile act or state :  combat

    :  a forcible or sudden act or effort :  assault

  1. :  a spear or spearhead for taking fish or turtles

    :  a handled hook for holding or lifting heavy fish

    :  a metal spur for a gamecock

  1. :  to strike or secure with a spear or hook

    :  to fit (a gamecock) with a metal spur

  1. :  a cheap theater or music hall

  1. :  something painful or difficult to bear :  ordeal

    :  persistent raillery or criticism

    :  rough treatment :  abuse

  1. :  deceive, trick

    :  fleece

    :  to fix for the purpose of cheating

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