beyond one's comprehension

Definition of beyond one's comprehension

  1. :  impossible for one to understand mysteries that are beyond our comprehension

Word by Word Definitions

  1. :  on or to the farther side :  farther

    :  in addition :  besides

  1. :  on or to the farther side of :  at a greater distance than

    :  out of the reach or sphere (see 1sphere 4b) of

    :  in a degree or amount surpassing

  1. :  something that lies on or to the farther side :  something that lies beyond (see 1beyond 1)

    :  something that lies outside the scope of ordinary experience

    :  hereafter

  1. :  the act or action of grasping with the intellect :  understanding

    :  knowledge gained by comprehending

    :  the capacity for understanding fully

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