be made of sterner/tougher stuff

Definition of be made of sterner/tougher stuff

  1. :  to be an emotionally and morally strong person with more determination than other people Another woman would have broken down, but she is made of sterner stuff.

Word by Word Definitions

  1. :  fictitious, invented

    :  artificially produced

    :  put together of various ingredients

sternplay sterner
  1. :  having a definite hardness or severity of nature or manner :  austere

    :  expressive of severe displeasure :  harsh

    :  forbidding or gloomy in appearance

  1. :  the rear end of a boat

    :  a hinder or rear part :  the last or latter part

toughplay tougher
  1. :  difficult to accomplish, resolve, endure, or deal with

    :  capable of enduring strain, hardship, or severe labor

    :  unruly, rowdyish

  1. :  in a tough manner (see 1tough)

  1. :  a tough and violent person :  rowdy

  1. :  to bear unflinchingly :  endure

  1. :  materials, supplies, or equipment used in various activities: such as

    :  military baggage

    :  personal property

  1. :  to fill by packing things in :  cram

    :  to fill to satiety :  surfeit

    :  to prepare (meat or vegetables) by filling or lining with a stuffing

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to criticize severely

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