barking mad


Definition of barking mad

British, informal

  1. :  completely crazy He was always rather strange, but he seems barking mad now.

Word by Word Definitions

barkplay barking
  1. :  to make the characteristic short loud cry of a dog

    :  to make a noise resembling a bark

    :  to speak in a curt loud and usually angry tone :  snap

  1. :  the sound made by a barking dog

    :  a similar sound

    :  a short sharp peremptory tone of speech or utterance

  1. :  the tough exterior covering of a woody root or stem

    :  the tissues outside the cambium that include an inner layer especially of secondary phloem and an outer layer of periderm

    :  cinchona

  1. :  to treat with an infusion of tanbark

    :  to strip the bark from

    :  to rub off or abrade the skin of

  1. :  a small sailing ship

    :  a sailing ship of three or more masts with the aftmost mast fore-and-aft rigged and the others square-rigged

    :  a craft propelled by sails or oars

  1. :  completely unrestrained by reason and judgment :  unable to think in a clear or sensible way

    :  incapable of being explained or accounted for

    :  carried away by intense anger :  very angry :  furious

  1. :  madden

  1. :  a fit or mood of bad temper

    :  anger, fury

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