baking sheet


Definition of baking sheet

  1. :  a flat piece of metal used for baking things (such as cookies and biscuits) in an oven

Word by Word Definitions

bakeplay baking
  1. :  to cook (as food) by dry heat especially in an oven

    :  to dry or harden by subjecting to heat

    :  to prepare food by baking it

  1. :  the act or process of baking

    :  a social gathering at which a baked food is served

  1. :  a broad piece of cloth

    :  bedsheet

    :  sail

  1. :  rolled or spread out in a sheet

    :  of, relating to, or concerned with the making of sheet metal

  1. :  to cover with a sheet

    :  to furnish with sheets

    :  to form into sheets

  1. :  a rope or chain that regulates the angle at which a sail is set in relation to the wind

    :  the spaces at either end of an open boat not occupied by thwarts :  foresheets and stern sheets together

  1. :  to move or set (a sail) by manipulation of a sheet

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