adjective as·i·nine \ˈa-sə-ˌnīn\

Definition of asinine

  1. 1 :  extremely or utterly foolish or silly an asinine excuse

  2. 2 :  of, relating to, or resembling an ass




play \ˌa-sə-ˈni-nə-tē\ noun

Examples of asinine in a sentence

  1. … geniuses like Brando strike self and material together in a way that sets off some incomparable spark, radiating so much charisma that they get away with choices that would seem asinine from anyone else. —Jeremy McCarter, New York Times Book Review, 4 Jan. 2009

  2. The boss of Wells Fargo has called the solvency tests “asinine”. The aim of such behaviour is presumably to convince regulators to focus the coming clampdown on the weakest banks. —The Economist, 13-19 June 2009

  3. First the good news: There's one palatable piece of ear candy here, “Rocket O' Love.” While the words are asinine (“Shotgun, shing-a-ling/One, two, one two three, hey!!”), it's a hearty … rocker Billy Squier might like to call his own. —David Hiltbrand, People Weekly, 11 Mar. 1991

  4. it was asinine to run into the street like that

Did You Know?

The donkey, or ass, has often been accused of stubborn, willful, and stupid behavior lacking in logic and common sense. Asinine behavior exhibits similar qualities. Idiotic or rude remarks, aggressive stupidity, and general immaturity can all earn someone (usually a man) this description. If you call him this to his face, however, he might behave even worse.

Origin and Etymology of asinine

Latin asininus, from asinus ass

First Known Use: 15th century

Synonym Discussion of asinine

simple, foolish, silly, fatuous, asinine mean actually or apparently deficient in intelligence. simple implies a degree of intelligence inadequate to cope with anything complex or involving mental effort considered people simple who had trouble with computers. foolish implies the character of being or seeming unable to use judgment, discretion, or good sense foolish stunts. silly suggests failure to act as a rational being especially by ridiculous behavior the silly antics of revelers. fatuous implies foolishness, inanity, and disregard of reality fatuous conspiracy theories. asinine suggests utter and contemptible failure to use normal rationality or perception an asinine plot.

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holding stubbornly to a belief or view

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